Herself and Myself


My second album recorded and published in 2014.

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My new album is Herself and Myself, which I recorded in 2014.  It’s dedicated to my wonderful mother who died four years ago.  The reviewers loved it!

Songs on the album include:

  • Moving Us On – my own song about the discrimination faced by Travellers and Gypsies, written in response to the Dale Farm evictions
  • She is My Joy – beautiful love song written by me and my grandfather, Johnny McCarthy
  • The Escape of John Mitchel – rare song celebrating the escape from Australia of 19thCentury Irish hero John Mitchel
  • Nell Flaherty’s Drake – a song known and loved among the travelling people for its vivid curses
  • Young Willie – a rare recording of Thomas’ mother, Mary McCarthy, an old song about a Catholic boy and a Protestant girl, her father shoots him and then she turns into a swan

If you would like a copy of the CD order it from me using the PayPal options below and I’ll get it in the post to you. You can also by Herself and Myself as a download from CDBaby.