The best way to get a flavour of my singing is to buy an album – or all three!

You can hear some of my songs on youtube and SoundCloud.  Here’s a few of my favourites.

Clasped to the Pig is a funny song about a man who drinks too much!

Speak Softly is a song my mother loved, that was actually written quite recently by a woman called Deirdre Scanlan.

My Uncle John, who taught me Michael was Hearty, said it was about a “smart-arsed boy” who wanted to gain a beauty with a big dowry.  Unfortunately he settled for an ugly woman with money and in the end he got a raw deal.

Patsy McCann is a song well known and recorded by settled people, but was originally a travellers’ song, and all my family sing it.

Down that Road  was written by my grandfather, Johnny McCarthy. When his own young family  grew up and went off to work in England, he missed them and the travelling way of life sorely and he wrote this song.  It was my mother’s favourite and I’m very proud to sing that song as it means so much to me and my brothers and sisters.

Moving Us On Again was a song I wrote about the challenges that us travellers face.