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Thomas McCarthy, photo © Diana Patient
Photo © Diana Patient


Thomas’s second album will be coming out very soon.  The launch date is 24th September with a very special event at the Old Queens Head in Islington.  If you’d like to be there, book your tickets now!

One song that didn’t make the album as there were too many to fit in was ‘Speak Softly’.  Visit the lyrics page to have a listen.


My name is Thomas McCarthy and I come from Birr in County Offaly in Ireland.  My family are the McCarthys who settled there generations ago.  I am an Irish Traveller, and come from a long line of old traditional singers and musicians who kept the tradition of singing strong.

These days I am based in West London but regularly go back home and have travelled back and forth since I was a child.  When I went to Ireland as a child I would stay with my uncles and aunts who all sang.

I continue singing the old songs myself, I find great comfort in them and in continuing my tradition which I am passing to my niece and nephew who are fine little singers. I am confident that the tradition will continue.