Lyrics: The Grasp of Time

The Grasp of Time


The skies have fallen down

In despair my heart does drown

I dread each day, the nights are far worse

My heart it has no relief

Till the ground summons me beneath

This burden I bear each moment is a curse


For seven years you’ve come in woe

Go away as the cock does crow

Disappear as I beg you grant me peace

Oh I’ve cried a lake of tears

These past long seven years

I implore you your lamentation cease


For to gain you back again

I would make the mountains bend

The dull pain in my heart that you’re not by my side

Everywhere I turn I see your face

I miss the comfort of your embrace

Dismal is my life since the day you died


I rise, go to your grave to pray

My face pressed to your cold clay

No sense can I find love, for my troubled mind

My only consolation a ruin

I’ll join you and the child soon

Eternal our two souls entwined

Beyond all time