Lyrics: The Girl I Left Behind Me

The Girl I Left Behind Me


I’m lonesome since I crossed the seas

My mind is it never easy

No mortal soul can give relief

In truth I’m getting crazy

The burning tears roll down my cheeks

In faith they nearly blind me

I weep, I sigh, both day and night

For the girl I left behind me


The lovely lass I courted her long

She lives in Tipperary

Her eyes are like the diamonds bright

They called her black-eyed Mary

On summer’s nights, I took delight

Her beauty so inclined me

A thousand crowns I’d give to see

The girl I left behind me


In foreign lands compelled to roam

Yet often think of Mary

The black-eyed lass that won my heart

That lives in Tipperary

On distant shores I weep, I sigh

Without a friend to mind me

Bad luck unto the ship that sailed

And left the girl behind me


If e’er I land on Erin’s shores

I’ll haste to Tipperary

Within my arms I will embrace

My lovely black-eyed Mary

With her I’ll dwell while life shall last

For she’d roam the world to find me

From Mary I’ll not wander more

The girl I left behind me