Lyrics: The Draighneán Donn

The Draighneán Donn

[pronunciation: Dry-Nan-Dun, meaning: a brown thorn bush]


By road by river the wild bird sings

Over mountain and valley the dewy leaves springs

The gay flowers are shining, gilt o’er by the sun

But the fairest of all shines the Draighneán Donn


The rath [home] of the fairy the ruin hoare

With white silver splendour it decks them all o’er

Down the in the valleys where the merry streams run

How sweet smell the blossoms of the Draighneán Donn


The streams they were singing their gladsome song

The soft winds were blowing the wild woods among

The mountains shone high in the red setting sun

As we sat neath the blossoms of the Draighneán Donn


Well I remember the soft spring day

I sat with my love neath the sweet scented spray

And the day she told me her heart I had won

Beneath the white blossoms of the Draighneán Donn


Tis my prayer in the morning, my dream at night

To sit here again with my heart’s dear delight

With her blue eyes of gladness, her hair like the sun

And her bright pleasant smile, neath the Draighneán Donn