Lyrics: She is My Joy

She is My Joy

© Thomas McCarthy

Written by Johnny McCarthy and Thomas McCarthy


She is my joy, her modesty, she is so shy

The love of my life, the apple of my eye

If she’s not close, if she’s not nearby

The thoughts of her haunt me day and night


If beauty could shine, the world would be blind

Such a fairer one no man has ever seen

She soothes my mind, she’s gentle and kind

Of my own, she’s a pavee lackeen [traveller girl]


In dreams or I awake, I always see her face

Delighted by the appearance of my love

Like sunshine, blue skies, she’ll chase the grey away

Her praises I could never boast enough


At the fair to see her, dear, the sun does shine through her hair

Cupid struck at each man’s heart with his arrows

Amid the throng I do declare, she’s mine by god I swear

As I call her [away from the fair] all the hearts are filled with woe


Her father says in a short time his precious daughter will be mine

To have, to hold, to love, for now and every more

To cherish always till the end of my days

My own sweet pavee beoir [traveller woman]