Herself and Myself

Herself and Myself


My second album recorded and published in 2014.


My new album is ‘Herself and Myself’, which I recorded in 2014.  It’s dedicated to my wonderful mother who died four years ago.  The reviewers loved it!

Songs on the album include:

  • Moving Us On – my own song about the discrimination faced by Travellers and Gypsies, written in response to the Dale Farm evictions
  • She is My Joy – beautiful love song written by me and my grandfather, Johnny McCarthy
  • The Escape of John Mitchel – rare song celebrating the escape from Australia of 19th Century Irish hero John Mitchel
  • Nell Flaherty’s Drake – a song known and loved among the travelling people for its vivid curses
  • Young Willie – a rare recording of Thomas’ mother, Mary McCarthy, an old song about a Catholic boy and a Protestant girl, her father shoots him and then she turns into a swan

You can look at the lyrics to the songs here.

If you would like a copy of the CD order it from me using the PayPal options below and I’ll put it in the post to you. You can also by Herself and Myself from iTunes and amazon.com.