Lyrics: The Escape of John Mitchel

The Escape of John Mitchel


He has arrived, he is alive, the steamer is landed

John Mitchel has come to the home of the free

The brave sons of Erin, around him they’re standing

To welcome the patriot, doomed an exile to be


On a great noble charger, John Mitchel is mounted

Forced leave of absence, to his keeper returned

Leagues, miles and furlongs were swiftly then counted

On England his back indignantly turned


Dry years, sad tears ye brave sons of Erin

John Mitchel is safe on freedom’s bright shores

In health, peace and comfort in glory appearing

His days as an exile in Australia are o’er


Free men break forth in songs of rejoicing

Hail to the chief of the Emerald Isle

Though sad was your bosom, tears in your eyes moistening

Your sadness and sorrow are changed to a smile


A welcome brave Mitchel, the champion of freedom

A hearty old welcome to the home of the brave

God be praised you’re free from tyranny’s thralldom

To the power of Britannia, no longer a slave


The name of John Mitchel, the patriot and exile

Will be honoured by freemen from north to south pole

Till time shall have written the patriot’s profile

In letters of gold on eternity’s scroll