Lyrics: Moving Us On Again

Moving Us On Again

© Thomas McCarthy

Written by Thomas McCarthy in response to the Dale Farm evictions


They’re moving us on again

Pushed from pillar to post again

These old traditions, will they come to an end

The roads they once were our home


We’re not allowed now to travel again

Just like the old times again

Our basic rights now who will defend

The travelling man


We face the tough times again

The anguish is on us again

Education for our children

Yet again we’re denied


They’re picking on the downtrodden again

The viciousness we cannot comprehend

Clutching straws no helping hand to lend

Still we keep our dignity


The bad times they’ve come back again

They’re transporting the gypsies again

The Europeans, learn will you, when?

A man’s just a man


Poor gypsies persecuted again

From countries to countries again

Are we the root of politicians’ problems?

We’re not the worst of mankind


Our future looks bleak again

In this world we have very few friends

The racial hatred from where does it stem

Mankind, open your mind