Lyrics: Growling Old Woman

Growling Old Woman


There’s no one to help with the churning

Nor to bake a slim cake without burning.

Or get a bit ready for Nicky and Neddy,

When hay in the meadow they’re turning.


The pig never stops with her bawling.

The bahnave [piglet] goes rooting and squalling.

The ducks and the hens lay away in the glens

And the roof of the cow house is falling.


Oh you growling old woman

Be easy your neighbours are coming.

Oh tobacco full ripe they will put in your pipe

For to make your heart happy and human.


My cow gives her milk to the fairies,

My calf’s not as handsome as Mary’s,

My bonnet, my bow are a shame and a show

And my gown my tor [bottom] it contraries.


My man takes his time fair and easy

My boys are light headed and lazy

The girls do be singing when washing and wringing

No wonder myself is half crazy.


Old woman, I think your joking,

You sit by the fire always poking

To give your tongue loose you give tons of abuse

And the devil couldn’t beat you for smoking.


Your man works the hardest in Erin,

Your boys are both brave and unfearing,

Your girls are the sweetest, the nicest, the neatest

Tis yourself is the pig by the mearing [in the pigsty]